Madeline Zoe McNichols

Zoe and Leonard

Zoe with Scranton area luminary Leonard Katekeski

Madeline Zoe McNichols is a junior at Abington Heights High School. She prides herself on her medium-rare to overdone literary ability, and the fact that she has performed in a myriad of dramatic productions including, most recently, You Can’t Take It With You. Her favorite activities include dancing, eating, and drawing lengthy, flowery comparisons between herself and Danielle Steel. Over the summer, she had the opportunity to study under a handful of incredibly talented writers and performers, and hopes to do well by them. She is currently undergoing the awkward metamorphosis from teenager to person, which includes talking to people and keeping her fingers crossed that some liberal arts college somewhere will open its doors to her. In the meantime, she asks that you avert your eyes if it gets too embarrassing.

Zoe is also the founder of the Scranton StorySlam. See the About section to learn more about Zoe and the history of the event.

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