Jeannine Luby

J LubyJeannine Luby first understood the value of laughter when she was 6 years old dancing around her North Scranton living room to the Village People. She felt great when her family was laughing at her silly antics. Since then she’s taken laughter seriously. She worked for Blue Cross of Northeastern PA for over 11 years in health care marketing. While she was proud of her work communicating to members about the value of prevention, disease management and healthy living, she wanted to be in charge of her own success and spread healthier, happier living through laughter and humor.

As the owner of Laugh to Live, a business Jeannine started in 2006, she promotes laughter as a wellness resource through workshops using rejuvenating laughter yoga exercises for corporations, universities and other organizations. Jeannine also spreads laughter by offering comedy entertainment. She has performed comedy improv for more than 10 years and has been doing stand-up comedy for the past seven years, most recently kicking off her own comedy tour of wineries called “Keep Wine-ing He Might Start to Look Like Prince Charming.” The name of her tour was inspired by the humor book she published in 2010 called He’s Not Prince Charming When… which is available for purchase at

Jeannine has a BA in Journalism and minor in Sociology from Pennsylvania State University and a Masters of Communication Arts from Marywood University.

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