Eleanor Gwyn-Jones

Eleanor Gwyn-JonesIn a parallel universe, Eleanor Gwyn-Jones is living 3000 miles from here in the town of Surbiton, near Wimbledon, where the tennis is; but fortunately, in this existence, she is having much more fun being here now, a fully-fledged and voting American Citizen. She’s not just living on the edge, or livin’ on a prayer… she’s livin’ on the Ridge! Whoop.

In England, Eleanor Gwyn-Jones acted, sang, danced–the whole three-ring, flaming-hoop circus. Alas, when she arrived in NEPA the circus was ripping it’s canvas, packing it’s bags, and liberating it’s retinue of artistes, clowns and ankle-biting midgets. So, she did what any out of work clown would do… she painted faces and wrote about it!

Eleanor is currently writing her third novel, Under The Influence. The first two, Theatricks and BigamE are under retainer with her agent. Her blog, From the Corner of a Foreign Field, covers dating, bastardly dicktards, book and film reviews, travel, food, and things that make her fingers twitchy. The blog recently switched to a Friday upload, so is commonly known as Feet Up Friday, or F.U. Friday, for short. You can find her on Facebook—although you take your chance that she might think you a crazy stalker; or simply access the webby: www.eleanorgwyn-jones.com

Eleanor is delighted to take part in her first Story Slam. She hopes she doesn’t suck. But, if she does, please refrain from hurling custard pies. She’s still emotionally scarred.

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