Maureen McGuigan

Maureen McGuiganMaureen McGuigan is the Lackawanna County Deputy Director of Arts and Culture. She was formerly the Outreach Manager for Girl Scouts in the Heart of Pennsylvania and Education Coordinator at the Scranton Cultural Center. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in History from the University of Pittsburgh and a Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from St. Mary’s College of California. She has produced two documentaries, A Shop on Every Corner: Memories of the Garment Industry and The Hubbard Mountain Bike Club: No Typical Thursday and was part of the 2011 Jason Miller Playwrights Project Invitational. She is a Member of Americans for the Arts, Citizens for the Arts, the Lackawanna River Corridor Association, and the Lackawanna Historical Society. When not working or volunteering, Maureen likes to write, read, bike, and attend arts events.

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