Laureen Maloney

Laureen MaloneyAs a child of the 60’s and 70’s, Laureen grew up with the freedom to wander; the beaches and dunes on the south shore of Long Island, the woods of the Catskills and the streets of the “City”! Life was and still is an adventure. Eight years ago Laureen and her family took a leap of faith. Through serendipitous circumstances, Laureen became the head of the Children’s Library in Scranton.  The Maloney clan moved to the Endless Mountains of Tunkhannock where they have embraced the country life. Tunkhannock is home now and the Susquehanna is near but the ocean still calls. And like the selkies, we need to return periodically!

Like her maternal grandmother, Laureen has a song or story for everything, inspired by life, experiences, and the people she has met!