Pamela Alex DiFrancesco

Pamela Alex DiFrancescoPamela Alex DiFrancesco is a queer activist and a writer of fiction and literary nonfiction. Their debut novel, The Devils That Have Come to Stay, is a radical Acid Western that completely flips the American Western on its head, and is available from Medallion Press. They live in New York City with their cat, Sylvia Rivera-Katz. In the past, they have taught writing to children, worked at the legendary Strand Book Store, and baked pastries at a resort in the Catskills. Alex has most recently published pieces in Brevity, The Carolina Quarterly, The New Ohio Review, and Monkeybicycle.

They will be happy to send you a digital copy of their novel in exchange for a donator of $5 or more to the Sylvia Rivera Law Project, the Red Umbrella Project, Mariposas Sin Fronteras, or the Trans Women of Color Collective, all organizations who support trans women of color as they face epidemic violence.